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2018 MFA Portfolio 

Queen Ann
Marilyn Jones
Choose LIfe
Broadway on Tignor
Major Messer
Matt King
Lady of Relationship
Lady My Hear will Sing Jesus
Campfire Cook'n on Tignor
Turkey Leg
Lady Let it Be, Let it Beeee...
Jessica King Laura's Tea House
The Patriarchs
And They Call it Puppy Love
dont mess with my Tutu
No GRE Wahoo
Lady of Texas Tea
Nanny Greer Laura's Team Room

-i was so strongly led in my spirit to apply for a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art Emphasis: Drawing & Minor: Painting- this past year.  i drew non stop, almost daily October, November and December 2017 for fresh work to put a portfolio together from: portraits & fascinations.  The Masters of Fine Arts Application i submitted for the University of South Carolina MFA Fall 2018 Semester was declined.  Though i was kicked a little in my gut, i know its not time. 

--A door i have been waiting for all my life- to draw from pictures and life realistically cracked right open during the intentional drawing to prepare for the portfolio.  I couldnt be more glad.  

---Opportunity to work harder, be more intentional with my drawing and apply again next year!  

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