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Ladies of Old

Jessica King Laura's Tea House
"Lady of Texas Tea"
Nanny Greer Laura's Tea Room
Lady Flag for Jesus
Lady of the Presence of God
Lady in Waiting 2012
Lady Pop A Squat 2013
Studius Lady of Old
Lady of Old
Lady of Old
Lady of Old
Lady of Old
Lady of Old
Lady of Old
Lady Beth and Eye of Tom
Lady Let It Be, Let It Beeee...
Lady Lost Alot
Lady Taxolio
Unfinished Lady of Old
Lady Bow to Jesus
Lady of Relationship
Messy Lady
Lady My Heart Will Sing Jesus
Lady Entertainer
Lady Worship the Lord
Lady of Flow
Protected Lady of Old

   -are truly the inner me coming out in all aspects of emotion, pomp and circumstance, entertainment, reactions to things, my spirituality and ways of thinking.  The Ladies of Old are the oldest form of art i make. Long before drawing these images i was in act as a child dressing-up into whatever was available to piece together the image i had in my mind to transform into a lady of old.

    Years go by and i am settled in marriage, have two young children and finished my Bachelors of Art in art the Ladies of Old started to surface and were translated boldly, quickly and vibrantly on to paper with ink. Ladies of Old are not a reference to age in birth date but a reference to age in era. 

    These imaginative pieces are easily identified by a female figure of any age and are always dressed in 14th to early 20th century attire. These woman are not side profile docile graphic designs but intricate detail of styling elements from head toe, hat to shoe, face to finger tip to elbow, breast to waist, hip to knee, knee to toe.  Energy, love, reverence, suffering, activity of some kind and spontaneity are key to the Ladies of Old. 

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