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Drawings & Paintings

My "Fascinations"

pieces evolved when i was in middle school and can be identified by side profiles as the primary image with lots of design elements included in the body of the work.  Historically i used just two side profiles to build an image but now the sky is the limit. I tend to see faces in all of my work (actually in everything not just my work) and slip them into shadow work, the clothing of my Ladies of Old or ground work.  These very intuitive drawings are usually during brain cramp, mental fog or emotional times in my life that flow out of my subconscious. My fascinations pieces make sense to me after they are complete and sometimes during the drawing process.  The meanings or representation of the fascination renderings are usually very personal and private. These pieces of work are significant for me because in creating them they broom out my creative thinking space and open me up for clearer and more realistic work to flow.

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